Earn Without Compromising Security.

By sharing your internet connection through Honeygain, business partners can access the web from your location. That's how you help others to view the internet as it is seen by real people - without any location restrictions or censorships. Here are the most popular use cases for your network.

  1. SEO + Business Intelligence.

    Having an un-censored view of the internet clients can collect real and unobstructed web statistics, which are crucial for making the internet a better internet for everyone.

  2. Brand Protection.

    Top brands can scan the web for copies and counterfeits of their products as well as other intellectual property violations - giving you some peace of mind while purchasing items online.

  3. Ad Verification.

    With Ad verification companies can check whether their ads are running correctly and on the right websites - exactly, where they were intended to be shown.

  4. App Testing.

    Thanks to the Honeygain network - app developers can streamline their testing flow so that everyone will experience the app content as it was intended to.

  5. Content Delivery.

    Some content can be geo-restricted like Music, IPTV, or even VoIP. Thanks to CD people like you can access geo-blocked content, making the internet a truly borderless place.

  6. Price Comparison.

    Honeygain takes credit for making e-commerce and retail more competitive. Our global network enables users to find the best prices product sold online.

Your internet traffic is used by trusted partners and high reputation companies only. All of the connections made through your device are securely encrypted, and the Honeygain app itself will not gain any access to your device's storage.

Honeygain runs on Windows, MacOS and Android.

Min Payout is $20 paid either to PayPal or in Bitcoin. By using my referral link you will get $5 to get you going. Honeygain


What is PacketStream

PacketStream is the first of its kind peer-to-peer proxy network. Packeters are compensated for sharing bandwidth on the PacketStream network and allowing users all over the world have access to content on the internet through our secure network. Customers can purchase bandwidth and browse the web from residential IPs to protect their browsing privacy.

PacketStream works because of you! The PacketStream network routes customer traffic through PacketStream users allowing for increased privacy and access to geo-restricted content while browsing the web. Packeters on the PacketStream network share their bandwidth with PacketStream customers. The website/service receiving HTTP requests sees requests coming from real residential IPs and allows access to content that would otherwise be blocked if it had been requested from traditional datacenter VPNs or proxy networks.

PacketStream allows customers to access web content that might otherwise be blocked or modified when using a traditional VPN or proxy service.

Residential use-cases include:

Private Browsing: Prevent IP tracking and commercial data mining. Keep your online identity safe. IP Ban Prevention: Relay your traffic through residential IPs without being blocked or banned from web services that would normally block VPN/proxy access. Geolocation Control: Specify the geolocation of your request and gain the benefits of viewing region-locked content from any location.

Commercial use-cases include:

Price Comparison: Learn how competitors algorithmically price their offerings to users all over the world. Brand Protection: See how your brand is being represented online and search for improper use of IP and trademarks. QA Testing: Test the performance and availability of your own web & mobile services from any geolocation in the world. Ad Verification: See exactly what your users see when they visit your website or mobile app. View your own pages to ensure your ad-partners aren't serving misleading advertisements and violating your ad policies. Web Scraping: Use web automation tools for market research & business intelligence without being throttled.

We employ various measures to maintain the privacy and security of our users. Our product engineers use industry-established encryption and security practices to keep Packeter & customer data safe and secure.

Min Payout is $5 paid to PayPal. PacketStream

Cryptotab Browser

5 reasons to use CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab is a flexible solution providing you with all the tools to explore and navigate the web. It also has a whole pack of unique features, making it truly stand out among competitors.

  1. Earn while surfing the web

    Activate mining, then just lean back, scrolling newsfeed, chatting on social media, or watching Netflix—CryptoTab's mining algorithm takes care of the rest. Multiply income and get your first Bitcoin, inviting new users to the mining network via private link.

  2. The fastest built-in mining algorithm

    CryptoTab's mining algorithm delivers high-speed performance without slowing down the device—even a mobile one! You can increase the mining speed even further by enabling the Cloud.Boost feature. Cloud.Boost's 10x speed doesn't seem quite enough? Crank it up way beyond 1000% with even more powerful Super.Boost.

  3. Switch to the new browser in a click

    Doubting whether CryptoTab can fully replace your current Chrome? Don't. Import bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings in a couple of clicks. Improve your browsing experience without losing a byte of personal data in transit.

  4. Enjoy all of your favorite Chrome extensions

    Switching to a new browser is not a good reason to give up what you’re used to. Fortunately, you can use your favorite Chrome extensions in CryptoTab Browser too! Just a couple of clicks—and you can go on with browsing having all of your favorite tools right at hand. Or you can pick something new: any extension from Chrome Web Store will work properly in CryptoTab.

  5. Use CryptoTab on all of your devices

    Turn your PC or Mac into a powerful mining farm. Mine Bitcoin on your smartphone or tablet with the mobile CryptoTab Browser or the special PRO version with a set of extra features. Control mining on all of your devices from any one of them.

  6. Cryptotab


Presearch is a Decentralized Search Engine

Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology.

Presearch is building a complete ecosystem to support the PRE token and provide the world with a decentralized search engine that is powered by the community, for the community.

The ecosystem includes:

    Presearch token

    Decentralized search engine

    Presearch nodes

    Keyword staking

    Presearch marketplace

    Ethereum blockchain